Pulse GX50, a cost-effective solution for Audi Q3

Pulse GX50, a cost-effective solution for Audi Q3
Styron Automotive is dedicated to creating high-performance plastics that meet the highest requirements for the automotive industry.

With a longstanding history of collaborating together, German car manufacturer Audi is the best testament to this commitment. In their latest model the Audi Q3, Styron once again hit the mark with a premium solution, Pulse GX50, a high-quality and economical material blend of PC and ABS developed by an experienced team of Styron researchers in Terneuzen, the Netherlands.

Styron’s most recent success story is Pulse GX50. A member of Styron’s Pulse family, Pulse GX50 has obtained its first commercial application in the Audi Q3 only a year after introducing it to the market. Pulse GX50 engineering resin offers a more economical mixture of PC and ABS for interior parts with outstanding performance features resulting in the ideal choice for car manufacturers like Audi.

“An important aspect for automotive suppliers is the effective use of materials. They are always looking for ways to use lighter and cheaper plastics while meeting the high safety and environmental standards. Pulse GX50 complies precisely with such needs and that is one of the main reasons it was a success from the start,” explains Marjolein Groeneweg, Marketing Manager, Styron Automotive.

Styron Automotive understands the industry’s needs and Pulse GX50 is the perfect example. Working closely with Audi, Styron Automotive was able to fulfil the OEM’s requirements by addressing their specifications and meeting their target cost. In comparison to Styron’s Pulse A35-105, an engineering resin that has exceptional impact strength even at low temperatures, Pulse GX50 is a more economical alternative due to its lower ratio of polycarbonate to ABS blend.

As a result, a finished part made of Pulse GX50 is approximately 3% lighter and 7% cheaper than the same part produced by Pulse A35-105. Offering this cost-effective solution allows OEMs like Audi to meet the industry’s demand for lightweight, robust and durable materials without compromising quality, performance and cost.

Every car manufacturer knows that high temperature resistance is an essential feature for automotive parts, Audi is no exception to the rule. Pulse GX50 fulfills this condition and goes a step further by offering high impact strength at low temperatures while maintaining a tailor made heat distortion resistance.

Pulse GX50 meets converters’ down gauging needs by allowing easy flow for a smooth and highly productive injection moulding process. The product’s odor and carbon emission are very low, which is an important attribute for interior components. Pulse GX50 is designed for the production of a variety of high quality interior parts including mid consoles, lower instrument panels, glove boxes, vents and trunk trims.

“Technology for the automotive industry is changing rapidly. For us at Styron, it is particularly important to continuously optimize our product portfolio in line with our customer’s needs. As a leading global materials company, we are at the forefront of innovation and contribute to driving the automotive industry forward,” explains Dagmar van Heur, Vice-President, Styron Automotive.

Meeting car manufacturers’ color requirements for specific brands and models can be challenging, but not for the Styron Color Group. Mastering the art of tailor-made solutions, the Styron Color Group understands that colors go beyond pigments, they convey a brand, a style and a preference. For Audi, two specific colors were designed to meet their requirements, truffle beige and soul.

In Audi’s latest model, the Audi Q3 features a range of Styron’s premium products for a variety of interior applications. In Audi’s latest model, the Audi Q3 features Pulse GX50 in the following interior tray:

“We have been working with Audi for a long time and it is a relationship based on collaboration and commitment. They trust us to deliver cost-effective solutions that comply with their targets and still provide the quality and sophisticated appearance Audi promises their customers,” describes Thomas Heck, Project Manager, Styron Automotive.