Polymer made of DuPont Delrin

Iwis antriebssysteme GmbH & Co.KG will launch its new FLEXON hinged-slat chains and MatTop chains made of DuPont Delrin acetal resin at Motion, Drive & Automation.

The polymer chains are the Munich-based company’s response to market requirements for materials handling systems which can help prevent contamination, as well as being energy efficient and easy to maintain. FDA-approved Delrin, the material grade selected for production of the chains, contributes significantly to these performance benefits, combining high mechanical load capacity, dimensional stability (also in humid environments) and excellent sliding behavior. According to requirements, chain links produced using two-component injection molding are available, whereby the strap made of Delrin is overmolded with a non-slip, soft component made of a highperformance thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

The new Flexon polymer chain components made of Delrin are up to 80 percent quieter in operation than their metal equivalents. Moreover, they are up to 40 percent lighter, meaning either a reduction in the required drive input or an increase in conveying output. The new polymer chains excel in terms of their low friction and remarkable wear resistance. As a result, they can reach extended operational times without lubrication, facilitating their use in the food, beverage and packaging industries where strict hygiene requirements apply.

- We developed the new polymer chains in close cooperation with experts from DuPont, especially in regard to material selection and part design - comments Dr Frank Mitzschke, product manager in the design and development department of iwis in Munich. - As a consequence of using Delrin, we are now able to offer many of our customers an attractive alternative to metal chains. In addition, the
polymer versions provide significant benefits in terms of lower production costs and the possibility to provide a swift response to customer-specific requirements, all thanks to the design freedom commonly associated with polymers. The first applications of the new Flexon hinged-slat chains and MatTop chains have already been successfully installed.


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