Podanfol from Poland purchased an important production company

Podanfol from Poland purchased an important production company
In the beginning of May Podanfol one of the leading packaging companies at the polish market made another investment, which is very important to its industrial operations.

The company purchased a production company from Biały Dunajec Inco - Veritas. - It has strengthened our position in the packagings market. Production and technological reinforcement of the company that was made in such a way will allow us to increase current high production standards as well as to improve service level provided by our company explains the Podanfol`s representatives.

Podanfol Ltd. was established in 1982 and, as the first in Poland, handled manufacturing of artificial polyamid casings for sausages and cheese. At this moment it is an establishment which bases its production on the newest technologies known and employed all over the world and its products land not only in home meat companies but also are exported to many countries from all over the world, mainly in Europe, central America and Africa.

The casins made in Bialy Dunajec

The purchased by Podanfol Zakład Produkcji Galanterii (Fancy Articles/Haberdashery Works) Bialy Dunajec Division has been a plastics producer for 33 years. In 1996 it was the first to implement an innovative technology of manufacturing monolayer polyamide thermoshrinking casings for cured meat products in Poland. In 1998, in order to extend the storage period of cured meat products, the Division started manufacturing triplelayer, and subsequently pentalayer barrier, thermoshrinking casings of different colour and surface. In the initial period the casings were produced under the brand INCO Super, at present - under the brand INCO Nova.

In 2000 the company established a Marketing and Development Department in Dębe Wielkie, which was equipped with graphic studio, the most modern casing printing and shirred machine In 2000 the company obtained certificates ISO 9002:1994 and HACCP, while in 2003 - ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP.

The overall efforts that resulted in the current market status of INCO Super brand, were awarded in 2003 the European Medal of the Office of the Committee for European Integration and Business Centre Club.

INCO-VERITAS S.A. was founded in 1947 and at the moment it is one of the oldest Polish companies. It includes a number of production facilities - one of them is that in Biały Dunajec, which was opened in 1951.