Plexiglas Satinice df33

Plexiglas Satinice df33
Plexiglas Satinice df33 is the new specialty molding compound for extrudates with particularly pleasant haptics.

Pleasant haptics are an important prerequisite for material selection in many applications of the furniture industry. Additionally, customers also want the surface to be sturdy and resistant to finger prints or signs of handling even with heavy use.

The new Plexiglas Satinice molding compound of type df33 allows for extruding profiles and sheets that feature a pleasant satin surface with very little gloss. At the same time, components made with the material offer good user characteristics and are easy to clean.

As an added benefit, they disperse light particularly well and have optimized transmission, a property combination that is equally appreciated by designers and developers in the furniture and lighting industry.

The new Plexiglas Satinice df33 molding compound is suitable for all conventional extrusion processes. The matte properties of surfaces can be varied with different extrusion conditions.

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