Performance indicator for the health status of servo-pumps

Performance indicator for…

Wittmann Battenfeld has developed an easy-to-understand and robust performance indicator that shows the health of hydraulic driven units and pumps at a glance. Among other benefits, it enables required maintenance work to be scheduled more effectively.

The servo-pumps in injection molding machines are what drive the movement of the main hydraulic units. These include the clamping unit, ejector, injection unit, and the injection and metering systems. Reliably manufacturing components to a high quality depends on the pumps operating properly.

"Health Factor" developed by Wittmann Battenfeld indicates the health status of the main hydraulic units, from which the condition of the pumps can be deduced. The unit related performance indicators computed from the "Health Factor" not only take into account a multitude of internal process parameters of the respective drivetrain in real time, but draw on historical trend values too. If the performance indicator falls for just one unit, it means that only this unit is showing wear. If the performance indicators decrease for all units, it indicates a general pump or wear issue. The information not only allows repair and maintenance work to be planned more effectively, but to target the unit or pump in question. The operator can order the required parts in good time and schedule downtime for the repair work so as to minimize disruption to the ongoing production operation.

The company's current developments are focused on the health status of electrically driven units.

Servo-hydraulic machine from the SmartPower series