Packaging technology from Krones at interpack 2014

Digital direct printing

In comparison to dressing containers in labels, direct printing on the containers themselves, using the DecoType direct printing system, offers significantly more scope for individualised, attractive design of the containers concerned. It is also ideally suited for supporting marketing campaigns and product launches. With the debut of the DecoType, Krones has expanded its product portfolio for container dressing to include an entirely new variant.

In the field of cold-glue labelling technology, Krones will be presenting a redesigned Ergomatic station, excelling in terms of ergonomic and functional improvements, plus reduced complexity. The Ergomatic functions accurately and dependably, is easy to operate, and can be quickly changed over to handle different label formats.

For wrap-around labelling, Krones will be exhibiting a completely redesigned station. The new Contiroll ED station has an ergonomically optimised design, scores highly in terms of improved accessibility for label change-overs, and offers enhanced operator-friendliness. In this series, a variant for pre-glued labels is being offered as an alternative.

Cost reduction for non-returnable sixpacks of up to 74 per cent

For non-returnable sixpacks, Krones has come up with what’s probably the world’s most space-saving packaging and palletising solution, with the lowest energy consumption, in the shape of the LitePac. Three EvoLite machines are already up and running successfully: up to the present date, 15 million LitePacs have hit the retail shelves. The EvoLite pack strapping machine creates packs with an integrated looped handle. In comparison to shrink-packs, and to other packaging systems on the market as well that operate with gluing, the exceptionally resource-economical production process for the LitePac (which comprises six plastic bottles) offers extremely high potential savings for packaging material and energy, with a cost reduction per pack of up to 74 per cent.