Packaging solutions for the fast-growing Asian pharma industry

Packaging solutions for the fast-growing Asian pharma industry
Gerresheimer presents new solutions for the fast-growing pharmaceutical industry in Asia. The comprehensive range of products extends from simple pharmaceutical vials to complex drug delivery systems.

60 percent of the people on our planet live in Asia. Greater prosperity and population growth have increased the significance of health care. Market researchers estimate that the pharmaceutical industry will experience vast growth in these markets in coming years. Gerresheimer specialises in safe and consumer friendly primary packaging products and is well positioned in Asia with its eight production facilities in India and China.

Gerresheimer’s portfolio of products covers pharmaceutical vials, complex drug delivery systems such as syringe systems, insulin pens and inhalers for safe medication dosage and application.

The Tubular Glass division is presenting a range of prefillable syringes, including its flagship RTF sterile syringes. Tubular glass is the input material for a comprehensive range of high quality pharmaceutical vials, ampoules and cartridges in numerous filling sizes and design variants.

The Moulded Glass division manufactures high-quality injection and infusion bottles as well as dropper and tablet bottles of various types, shapes and sizes in glass categories I, II and III.

As a full-service provider, Gerresheimer Medical Plastic Systems has a portfolio covering all stages of the development and production process. It manufactures complex, customer-specific plastic systems for pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical applications. Drug delivery systems enable the simple and fast administration of mediations. Plastic drug delivery systems include, for instance, inhalers, pens and syringes. Gerresheimer produces and assembles components for a range of laboratory analysis systems and tests performed at medical practices and in hospital, as well as skin-prick aids and lancets for diabetics.

Gerresheimer Plastic Packaging specializes in plastic packaging products for the pharma industry. Its comprehensive product portfolio extends from plastic packaging products for solid pharmaceuticals such as drugs and powders to containers for liquid drugs, including ophthalmic and rhinological applications.


The company produces specialty products made of glass and plastic, primarily for the pharma industry.