PCW: Compounder from Eilenburg invests in new laboratory

PCW: Compounder from Eilenburg… PCW GmbH, the compounder of customized compounds made of PVC, PP, TPE's and PA, is investing 1.5 million euros in a new laboratory at the Eilenburg site in Saxony, Germany. As the company further states, the existing laboratory is going to be furnished with newest equipment and the existing laboratory building will be extensively modernized.

PCW GmbH originated in 1887. At that time, the ‘Deutsche Celluloid Fabrik’ (German Celluloid Factory) was founded as one of the world's first PVC processing plants at the Eilenburg site. In 2006, the Polyplast Müller Group acquired the business, which at the time was known as Eilenburger Compound Werk GmbH (ECW).

The family-owned company is engaged in the development and production of customized compounds for the plastics processing industry, which are used, for example, in the manufacturing of household appliances, profiles, toys and the automotive industry. The company's product portfolio includes PVC, PP, TPE and PA compounds. PCW currently employs around 150 people at the Eilenburg site.

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