P.E.T. Engineering awarded at the Oscar dell'Imballaggio 2013

P.E.T. Engineering awarded… P.E.T. Engineering has been awarded with the Oscar dell'Imballaggio 2013 in the category "Packaging systems and solutions for drinks and liquid food".

The award recognized its 5 LW, the ultralight 5 liter container created to meet the increasing demand of bottling companies and to make big formats be eco-compatible.

The Oscar dell’Imballaggio 2013, sponsored by Ipack-Ima, Conai, Universita IULM and Politecnico di Milano, was aimed at awarding those people and companies committed to offer innovative solutions for the Italian packaging panorama, and in particular, to enhance prevention policies.

The jury, made of experts in the field, judged the finalists and awarded those products which boasted a bigger number of plus prevention if compared to previous ones on equal terms. More precisely, the jury took into consideration the saving of raw material, the use of recycled material, logistics streamlining and the support to recycling activities.

The reduction of raw material, the consequent reduction of buying costs and its resulting environmental impact, the use of 50% recycled PET, its good mechanical performances and the high final quality of the bottle are the reasons why the jury made the 5 LW win this year's edition.

The 60,4g 5 LW allows a saving of 17,6g of PET for every bottle, almost the 22.5% if compared to the ones already in the market.

This extreme light-weighting has been possible thanks to an accurate design combination of both preform and bottle, which led to a perfect material distribution on the most structural parts of the bottle avoiding overstretching.

The ribs ensure high mechanical performances and at the same time they offer rigidity, avoiding implosion while pouring.

The study of the preform and its streamlining allow the use of resins with lower mechanical performances if compared with standard PET, that is to say recycled and similar materials; 5 LW was blown with 50% recycled PET and supplied by Plastipak. 5 LW was created thanks to the collaboration between P.E.T. Engineering, Novapet and SIDE.

P.E.T. Engineering