New wind turbines made from Luran S styrenic resin

New wind turbines made from…
The Dutch company EverkinetIQ International has developed in clause collaboration with Pekago, Albis and BASF its first small wind turbine in the PIQO Series with the aid of Luran S KR 2858 G3, an ASA resin from BASF.

The new product is intended to provide locally generated energy on industrial facilities, high-rise buildings, hospitals and other municipal buildings as well as private homes. Its smaller diameter and, above all, lower weight distinguish it from the well-known large wind turbines. The first prototypes of this micro wind turbine have been installed on buildings in the Netherlands, where they are undergoing extensive field trials.

Now that sufficient data on performance and the behavior of the turbines under load has been collected, EverkinetIQ has recently carried out optimization steps and prepares the product launch. PIQO wind turbines are rugged, compact and they generate little noise. EverkinetIQ anticipates that, following the test phase, a relatively favorable price per kilowatt-hour will be achieved.

For the turbine’s rotor, the newly established BASF subsidiary Styrolution, together with its distribution partner Albis Benelux, is providing a 15 % glass fiber-reinforced material from the family of ASA polymers (acrylic ester-styrene-acrylonitrile), because it offers extremely good resistance to weathering, UV radiation and aging together with chemical resistance. The unfilled, and thus less rigid grade Luran® S 797 S is suitable for the round frame, which has a diameter of about 1.5 m.

Richard Kleefman, Director of Turbine Development at EverkinetIQ explains: “An especially strong and durable plastic is needed for these cost-effective, innovative and flexible PIQO wind turbines. Luran S from Styrolution meets the demanding requirements for resistance to weathering and rotational effects completely.”

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