New urethane systems for complex elastomeric parts

New urethane systems for complex… Specialty chemicals company Lanxess announces new blocked products for cast elastomers at UTECH Europe 2018. Marketed under the brand name Adiprene K the blocked systems are based on Lanxess leading Low Free (LF) isocyanate technology. They offer three key benefits: Improved industrial hygiene, controlled curing and excellent performance for broader range of applications.

“A particular focus is placed on solvent- and monomer-free systems,” explains Dr. Markus Eckert, Head of the Lanxess Urethane Systems business unit, a leading innovator in the development of urethane prepolymer systems for elastomers, coatings, adhesives, and sealants. “For example, we have developed new blocked technology that offers controlled curing with higher performance and reduced hazardous classifications.”

Excellent industrial hygiene for improved worker safety

Adiprene K blocked systems have inherently good industrial hygiene, due to the incorporation of low hazard ingredients and the blocking of already low levels of residual isocyanate. As a one-component system, workers do not have to handle a separate curative, improving productivity and worker safety.

Controlled curing for large and complex parts

Adiprene K blocked systems are available as fully-formulated reactive systems. Curing of these prepolymers is triggered at a precisely defined temperature resulting in a controlled cure. “With these systems, we are targeting large and complex parts and manual processing, which is used for very low volume production,” says Eckert.

Performance for broader range of applications

Compared with traditional blocked systems, Adiprene K blocked systems provide better performance for a wide range of applications. “Now that we can control the cure and achieve higher performance,” Eckert continues, “these products open the door to new applications for urethane prepolymers.”

Potential applications include the impregnation of fabric belts, the coating of industrial rollers, and extremely large parts for the industrial, mining and oil and gas industries. These blocked systems also extend the use of urethane prepolymers into rotational molding and liquid injection molding applications.

The LANXESS Urethane Systems business unit is one of the world’s leading suppliers of polyurethane systems for elastomers, coatings, adhesives and sealants with special focus on solvent-free and monomer-free systems, and provides its customers decades of urethane chemistry know-how, comprehensive application expertise, and deep manufacturing experience.

Source: Lanxess

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