New packaging launched by RPC

New packaging launched by RPC
The success of the resealable Heinz Beanz Fridge Pack, manufactured by RPC, is due in part to the bespoke cap developed by RPC Containers Halstead that features a 20% weight reduction.

The innovative pack concept enables bean lovers to enjoy the UK’s best loved beans in portions to suit their lifestyle. Once opened, the plastic jar can be resealed and stored in the fridge, where it keeps fresh for up to five days.

The closure from RPC Halstead is an integral part of the overall packaging system. Rather than using astandard cap, RPC Halstead realised that Heinz’s desire for lightweight and convenient packagingwould be better served by a specially developed design.

“Our standard range is built to be robust enough for a variety of end uses, but not every product requires the full weight of the cap,” explains Phil Goodwins, Sales and Marketing Manager. “Working closely with Heinz, we determined that by conduction heat sealing the jar after filling, we could introduce a significant benefit by light-weighting the cap which also supported the Heinz vision for the Fridge Pack.”

The weight of the cap has been reduced by 20%, from 12.5 to 9.9 grams. The change necessitated a redesign to the shape, in order to ensure that the durability and seal of the closure remained optimised. An additional benefit is that the cap is unique to Heinz for further brand differentiation on-shelf. At the same time, RPC Halstead has incorporated an EPE liner to the underside of the cap. This ensures integrity of the after seal and the pack can be stored on its side in a fridge without leaking.

These benefits reflect the overall quality of the Fridge Pack in terms of functionality and logistics. RPC Corby’s jar is lightweight and shatter-resistant for safe, comfortable handling by consumers, while its distinctive square-round (scround) design optimises on-shelf presence and maximises volumes during distribution.

“RPC Halstead’s expertise has been instrumental to achieving this functionality, both through the reduction in weight and the use of a liner for a perfect reseal,” comments Robin Air, Packaging Technologist of Heinz.


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