New building for Wittmann Battenfeld do Brasil

New building for Wittmann…

The team of Wittmann Battenfeld do Brasil moved to a new site at the beginning of August this year. The new building in Vinhedo (State of São Paulo) has a floor space of 850 m2 und thus offers enough room for optimal support to local customers. 

Brazil has been the most important market for the Wittmann Group in South America for many years. This is why the Wittmann Group has made a special point of providing its Brazilian subsidiary with adequate facilities for customer support. Since its customers are becoming more and more interested in complete systems and consequently in commissioning entire work cells, the space in the previous building became too confined. Therefore Wittmann Battenfeld do Brasil looked tor new premises. 

Due to the challenging situation caused by Covid-19, the relocation of the Wittmann Battenfeld team, originally planned for March this year, was delayed. But at the beginning of August it finally happened. The team of Wittmann Battenfeld do Brasil can now be reached at the following address: 

Wittmann Battenfeld do Brasil Ltda

Rua José Resende Meirelles

3925 – Distrito Industrial Benedito Storani

13.288-130 – Vinhedo-SP-Brasil

Tel: +55 11 2511-8150

In addition to areas for offices and meetings, the new 850-square-meter building also includes space for storage, servicing, training programs and customer inspections. Thanks to their spacious layout, the new premises are now considerably more suitable than the previous site for presenting complete injection molding systems, i. e. injection molding machines fully equipped with automation and auxiliaries. Michael Wittmann, Managing Director of Wittmann Kunststoffgeräte GmbH and co-owner of the Wittmann Group, and Cássio Luís Saltori, Managing Director of Wittmann Battenfeld do Brasil, are both pleased about the new facilities and the opportunities thus provided for even better service to customers in this region, which is so important for the Group.