New Motan`s crystalliser for PET

New Motan`s crystalliser for PET
Motan offers large experience in crystallisers for PET processing and supplies installations designed to customer specifications. The latest achievement of the company is a standard series for PET and PLA recycling represented by the crystallisers Luxor HDC and Luxorbin C. They are appropriate for a material throughput of 80 to 900 kg/h. The crystallisers, especially used for in-line thermoforming offer a series of convincing advantages.

Concerning process engineering, Motan relies on an open process in which the material is pre-dried with process air of low relative moisture. Thus, Motan crystallisation minimises the hydrolytic decomposition of the material.

Motan crystallisers save energy through integrated heat exchangers and blowers controlled by exhaust air temperature to regulate the air flow. This energy saving is achieved through frequency controlled blowers that continuously adapt the air flow to the material feeding temperature.

New Motan`s crystalliser for PET

For those material flows that vary, Motan offers reasonable concepts. As an excessive material flow reduces crystallisation quality, the material feed is limited automatically in order to maintain the excellence of the crystallisation process.

Users not only require energy saving systems, but also expect reliable drying installations with intelligent control that adapt to the processors needs. Like any other dryer of Motan`s Luxor series, the Luxor HDC crystallisers and their mixing bin Luxorbin C can be easily adjusted to changing requirements.

An easy to use control completes the overall concept. The proven control uses a touch-screen and self-explaining graphical user interface help to avoid operating errors. The software allows storing of customer and material specific start parameters which guarantee trouble-free starting when the mixing bin is refilled with amorphous material. With this control, even unexperienced personnel can start up the system without any problem. Cleaning and maintenance are also easy. The split bin cone allows easy access to the lower part. Large cross section lower bearings facilitate unobstructed material discharge.

In addition to the standard crystallisers which includes a pneumatically operated slide valve at the bin outlet, an exhaust air filter, heat exchanger and cyclone with dust collection bin are available as optional equipment. If required, such equipment as rotary valves and suction devices for material recovery is available for various applications.

Motan at international Trade Fair Plastics and Rubber K 2007 in Düsseldorf

Motan is a German company. It`s total commitment is to the storage, drying, conveying and blending of pelletised material. In many countries Motan has the sole representatives. In Poland such a sole representative is Plast Line, based in Wrocław. This company cooperates also with Getecha and Regloplas, the other leading German suppliers of plastics equipment.

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