New Battenfeld's control system

Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik GmbH, is introducing the new members of its control system family side by side with the well-known ones. This includes the familiar BMCtouch as well as two new systems: BMCeco and BMCmini. For the first time, the machine manufacturer is also presenting BMCtouch with the new extruder monitoring function, which helps the user to optimize production costs by means of preventive maintenance and analysis of the energy flow.

The BMC Battenfeld Machine Control system was originally developed in-house by Battenfeld engineers about 10 years ago and has been continuously improved and adapted to current market requirements ever since. This automation concept combines extrusion expertise and complete line competence with modern IT technology.

It has proved its worth again and again in the plastics processing industry around the world and is now available in 19 operating languages. The system impresses by its consistent logical concept which ensures clear, straightforward operation and, thanks to numerous optional extras, maximum flexibility as well.

The BMCtouch control system, introduced two years ago and offering the ultimate in operational convenience, quickly won over operators of extrusion equipment as the optimal solution for operating even highly complex production lines with their sophisticated extras. In addition to proven features, such as linking of sensors and actuators by means of a standardized CAN field bus system and using Windows for process visualization, the system is also equipped with a robust 15" color screen and capable of intuitive operation. The screen can be freely configured, with numerous pages available for the installation of individual soft keys, while hotkeys for the main functions remain visible and at the user`s disposal at all times. Of course, facilities to meet additional requirements such as trending, order data management and data communication via DTC and OPC are also available.

BMCeco, equipped with a 10.4'' color screen, is now being introduced as the
younger sister of BMCtouch to replace BMCsmart from now on. BMCeco is recommended as a lower-cost alternative to BMCtouch especially for coextruders and small pipe and profile extrusion lines. Both its desktop design and operator guidance system are modeled on the big sister BMCtouch and just as user-friendly and easy to handle. As an option, BMCeco can be equipped with a modem for remote maintenance, and integration of downstream components via CANopen DS 420/EUROMAP 27 is also possible.

In coextrusion lines where the main extruder is controlled by BMCtouch and the coextruder by BMCeco, BMCtouch can take over complete line control at the push of a button at any time.

Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik also offers the new, compact family member BMCmini, specially designed for downstream aggregates such as haul-offs and saws. This small-scale control system is also equipped with a 5.7" color touch screen, so that users have the benefit of intuitive operation here too. BMCmini is particularly recommended for downstream aggregates in long, complex extrusion lines, to facilitate the machine operator`s task. As an option, BMCmini can also be equipped with a modem for remote maintenance.