Motan exhibits further product enhancements Luxor and Spectrocolor G

Motan exhibits further product enhancements Luxor and Spectrocolor G
At the Fakuma 2011 Motan will exhibit a cross section of product enhancements in the following fields of material management: drying, conveying, blending, dyeing and dosing. In particular, the Luxor 80/120/160 and the Spectrocolor G will be highlighted.

Various visualization formats will show the visitors tangible application examples. They illustrate that Motan can offer the most advantageous application-relevant solutions, essential for sustainable, economic and trouble-free processing within all plastics disciplines.

The tried-and-tested series of system dry-air generators – from 250 to 2400 m³/h – have been expanded by three more sizes: the Luxor 80, 120 and 160. With these additions, the range now includes ten models, all ideally suited for centralized drying of all types of plastics granulates, particularly of high-end materials and engineering plastics in frequently changing batch sizes. Functions, such as conveying to up to 16 drying bins and 24 machine material loaders, have been added. In addition, up to three conveyor blowers can be employed.

Any one of these advanced versions can easily be incorporated into all available Motan drying bin systems. Furthermore, the drying bins in the 100 to 2400 litre series have been expanded by the LBA system bins with a capacity of 15, 30 and 60 litres. They are equipped with all essential options – as are the large models.

The Luxor 80/120/160 models have been upgraded to the advanced version by adding an authentic dual-circuit process with two blowers and a closed-loop heat regeneration system. Moreover, the addition of pneumatic valves improves the process stability. The Luxor 80, 120 and 160 generate either 80, 120 or 160 m³/h dry air with a consistently low dew point of up o -40° C. The installed molecular sieve cartridges operate alternately. This results in the safe and continuous provision of uniformly dried materials to the processing machines. The three new models are designed for material throughput of up to a maximum of 70/100/140kg/h.

Users have confirmed that this technology provides stable process management, minimal use of energy and a drying process that is entirely unaffected by the ambient air. This ensures that Motan can guarantee maximum drying results – even under tropical climate conditions. These features meet the growing demand for leading-edge process technology in the small dryer sector. Simultaneous processing of a variety of high-grade raw materials or fast material changes are thus supported sustainably. There are no down times and no waiting for raw materials to be processed!

In this well-engineered small system, the efficient ‘energy saving package‘ ETA plus is now being fully utilised for material drying. Here, the drying organizer function is combined with air flow control. The process air quantity and the adjustment of the drying temperature are controlled analogously to the energy requirement of the material throughput.

ETA plus avoids over or insufficient drying and guarantees maximum achievable drying quality of the granulate at minimum levels of residual moisture. Compared with conventional dryers, a reduction in energy consumption in excess of 60 percent are now achievable.


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