Motan, Colortronic and Colortronic Systems: all three together

Motan, Colortronic and Colortronic…
Motan, Colortronic and Colortronic Systems join forces and combine their sales organizations.

Motan, Colortronic and Colortronic Systems, all three members of the Ralf Schneider Group, Konstanz, Germany, have announced that they will merge their global sales organizations. As a result, the three channels to market will be evolving into a single, powerful, global supplier of bulk material handling, named "motan-colortronic", offering a unique broad product range for a complete spectrum of applications in the areas of dosing, mixing, drying, crystallizing and conveying of granules, powder and liquids.

The three formerly autonomous enterprises Motan GmbH, Isny, Germany, Colortronic GmbH, Friedrichsdorf, Germany and Colortronic Systems AG, Hunzenschwil, Switzerland, have been associated with each other since 2007 under the roof of the Ralf Schneider Holding. Since that time various products have been harmonized and adapted to fit applications especially in the plastic processing and plastic production industries. This process will now be advanced with the establishment of a homogeneous sales network in order to offer to all global customers’ turnkey system solutions out of one hand – through the new "motan-colortronic" global sales organization.

Motan, Colortronic and Colortronic Systems: all three together

The distinct state-of-the-art technologies of all three suppliers will consequently be combined, resulting in new products and offered to the marketplace through one sales, service and support channel. The new coherent, modern family of products will be dedicated to giving a high quality, cost effective answer to all application issues in the fields of dosing, conveying drying and blending of bulk materials. Energy savings, precise dosing and simply to use equipment are central of all R&D efforts.

A large number of subsidiary sales companies and numerous, experienced, well trained representatives and distributors ensure a close to customer, global service and support network. Furthermore, there are several regional competence centers at a customer’s disposal staffed with experienced application engineers for complex system solutions, customized engineering and demanding applications.

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