Moretto X Technology for PET

Another chart demonstrates savings using the XD 612 PET-PRO system versus a standard dryer. Prior to activation, the relevant currency (US$, YEN, € etc) can be chosen to establish energy costs per kW. This results in the exact calculation of energy consumption/saving at a given location at any given time in percentage terms and the given currency. The example shows a saving of just over € 36,000.

Moretto X Technology can be configured in a variety of applications and set-ups, thus providing total flexibility and optimisation of a variety of local conditions:

SX Standard Drying system:

- PET-PRO Drying system on a mezzanine platform – a space saving solution, also allowing the material to be delivered into the machine by gravity.

- Split PET-PRO Drying system – lack of height provides a split level solution.

- The Flowmax PET System is the latest innovation developed by MORETTO for large scale flexible processing, i.e. of up to 6,000 kg/h of PET and drying stations up to 20,000 m3/h. The Flowmax PET system is a combination of a series of hoppers – up to 30 – and a series of dryers – up to 10.

The core of the system comprises a specifically designed computerised management system controlling the battery of dryers and the single hoppers. Process air is withdrawn via the Flowmatik control, individually calibrating and managing the correct airflow required by each hopper during any given processing cycle. The system identifies the single airflow required and directs the exact quantity of process air to the X-MAX battery of dryers. X-MAX CONTROL manages the battery of dryers employing the single machines proportionally in order not to waste energy. In addition, when the airflow is calibrated, regeneration will be carried out according to the yield; this ensures a great reduction in energy consumption. It is possible to install this device at the point of use under the hopper. The Moisture Meter device is capable of measuring the final moisture in real time inside the PET material before transformation. Flowmatik receives the input from the MM and calibrates all parameters according to the final humidity required. This is the first time that a dynamic closed loop system is employed in the drying process of PET)

The chart below shows the annual savings, comparing the performance of the Moretto Flowmatik PET System and the Moretto XD 612 system with a conventional dryer. Again, the material is PET, with a treatment time 6 hours at an operating temperature of 175°C, and a reference throughput of 3,500 kg/h. Hours p/a = 8,000, the sample cost of energy is 0.11 €/kWh.

X-MAX represents the most attractive and flexible drying solution for big processing up to 6.000 kg/h of PET. In this X Technology single tower machine, up to 10 units can be integrated. X-MAX Control with FLOWMATIK interface enables operating management at the hopper end, with X-MAX looking after the drying technology, resulting in a fully synchronized system.

The X Technology Moisture Meter (MM) is extremely relevant in the PET production process. Online readings can be taken at any point, giving the final moisture value of the granulate, right up to 10 ppm. Therefore, trouble-free closed-loop control dryer management to that point is easily achieved.

The X Technology Volumetric Dosing Unit DVM H with X DRY AIR applications is a volumetric screw dosing unit for additives or master-batch in granular form, including PET. It is specifically designed to accommodate production at high temperatures, also taking into consideration the different humidity levels of a variety of other polymers. This unit can be combined with DRY AIR dryers to treat humidified master-batches up to 180°C. The dosing body is installed on a vertical support, just like a conventional doser. The unit is thermally insulated to avoid heat dispersion.

The recycling of materials plays a major part in the operation of any plastics processing operation, not only to ensure efficient and economic production, but also to contribute to the responsible participation in the long-term protection of the environment. Moretto is at the forefront of the development in this field, offering automated crystalliser systems up to 1,500 kg/h, such as for amorphous granules, for flakes from preforms, and also for scales from bottles.

The solutions mentioned above are cutting-edge technology in drying systems that take foreseeable developments into consideration. However, present costs are a considerable factor, offset by significant long-term business and environmental benefits.