Molecor obtains the OCS certification from AENOR

Molecor obtains the OCS certification…

Molecor obtains the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) certificate of conformity, a recognition that shows the company's commitment to sustainability and circular economy. Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) is a global voluntary initiative of the plastics industry that aims to prevent the release of plastic particles (granules, flakes, dust) into the environment, which can occur unintentionally in any of the stages of the plastics value chain: production, handling, transport, transformation, and recycling.

AENOR, together with the Spanish Association of Plastics Manufacturers (ANAIP), as the licensee of the OCS program in Spain, and with the support of Plastic Europe (licensee in Europe), has developed and made available to the Spanish plastics industry a pioneering certification in Europe, to verify the implementation of codes of good practices for the management of plastic material during all operations in which it is handled within the company, and control measures of possible sources of generation of microplastics in order to minimize their release into the environment.

The AENOR certification scheme confirms the degree of compliance with the five main criteria of the OCS initiative: making the goal of zero pellet loss a priority, evaluating the situation and needs of the company, making the necessary improvements to the facilities and equipment, sensitize employees and create a sense of responsibility, and monitor and enforce procedures.

Molecor, associated with ANAIP and a company that has adhered to the OCS program since 2020, goes one step further in its commitment and has achieved AENOR certification, which highlights and verifies the implementation of good practices and control measures for primary microplastics unintentionally into the environment.

This certification shows Molecor's involvement, as a member of the plastics industry, in caring for the environment, being consistent with its responsibility to prevent the use of pellets or other plastic particles used in the production process of its TOM pipes and ecoFITTOM PVC-O fittings, from the unloading of raw materials to the dispatch of the product, through recycling, end up in the environment, thus showing that it is a Committed Industry.

The achievement of the OCS certificate of conformity represents a new milestone for Molecor within the OCS project, since it shows its commitment to continuous improvement, and values its participation and contribution to this program, implementing and promoting these good practices for the minimization of industrial activity impact in the environment.

Molecor goes one step further in its voluntary commitment to zero pellet losses and demonstrates its involvement in caring for the environment and reducing its environmental footprint.

The Operation Clean Sweep program has the official institutional support of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITERD) to promote adherence and certification in OCS. This provides added value and also recognition of the commitment of the companies that bet on the OCS to avoid the involuntary emission of pellets into the environment. Molecor's certificate is the first issued by AENOR after obtaining this government support.