Mixaco: innovation in mixing

Mixaco: innovation in mixing

"Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it" - by Henry Royce

Mixaco has stuck to this motto with regard to its new heating-cooling mixer combination. At this year's K trade fair, the mechanical engineering company from Neuenrade in Germany will unveil its latest innovation.

The HM 400 heating mixer / KM 1200 - H horizontal cooling mixer will be, after the fair, in the company's test center  and will be available for all companies that need to do mixing trials.

Project- and Sales Manager Nicolas Gehring and CTO Marco Marinello have combined their knowledge, experience and visions in improving this heating/cooling mixer combination. The result is a machine that will be indispensable on the PVC market, not only for some minor changes to improve material handling but overall for some technical innovations that have been finally included .

The combination is  a machine not only more user-friendly, but also as flexible as a Swiss pocket knife in terms of formulations. Suitable features are available for any type of application.