Miliken at Arabplast 2011

Complementing the ultimate clarity achievable with Millad NX8000, Milliken’s ClearTint polymeric colourants maintain the transparency of polyolefins while producing a brighter colour. As they have no effect on shrinkage, parts have a lower tendency to warp and the excellent processability of PP, and increasingly PE, is maintained.

Milliken will demonstrate new opportunities to fix the critical problems facing manufacturers involved in many PP and PE moulding processes with its Hyperform HPN (High Performance Nucleating) agents.

Benefits for typical applications include cycle time reduction and warpage elimination in the production of pallets and crates, and increased processability and optic enhancement in packaging. Hyperform technologies can also enable PP to replace other resins, allowing for lighter weight parts, lower cost, and more consumer friendly products.

Easy to use, Hyperform products disperse well even in high melt flow resins where traditional nucleation technologies may not. In addition, with very fast crystallization performance, Hyperform nucleators allow moulders to over-nucleate pigments for more consistent manufacturing and improved dimensional performance. Hyperform nucleating agents are also used in sheet and profile extrusion , such as pipe applications where they offer improved stiffness and runnability.

Highlights on display at Arabplast 2011 include a pioneering advance for PE with Hyperform HPN-20E. The most efficient nucleation agent available to date for linear low and high density PE, Hyperform HPN-20E has a major impact on cycle time reduction, barrier properties in HDPE blow moulding and film, and clarity improvements in C4 gas phase LLDPE.

Hyperform HPN-20E increases crystallization temperature significantly and has a major influence on crystal orientation. As a result, barrier to oxygen and moisture vapor is increased by as much as 20 to 50% depending on the PE resin technology. The higher crystallization temperature, combined with greater crystal orientation, allows bottles to be demoulded earlier, cycle times reduced and productivity increased.

Delivering sustainability benefits that are so important to the success of our customers is a key feature in Milliken’s approach to additive innovation for our customers. Both Millad and Hyperform go a long way towards solving processing and performance challenges while creating knock-on cost reductions in areas such as energy use, handling, storage and material use that add to their all-round value. We are looking forward to demonstrating their benefits to Arabplast 2011 visitors, concludes Sami T. K. Palanisami.


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