Meusburger ensures delivery availability during the raw material crisis

Meusburger ensures delivery…

The current sharp increase of raw material prices is causing uncertainty for many companies. The dramatic rise in costs is due to the increasing demand for steel which has resulted in a global steel shortage. This has caused not only supply bottlenecks but an extreme increase in prices. For example, the price for steel grade 1.1730 has doubled. From today’s perspective, it is unclear when the situation will ease again. 

100% in-house production of plates - what does that mean for customers?

‘The procurement difficulties and the significant rise in steel prices are also a very big issue for our company. Regardless, our top priority is to continue to fill our warehouse to ensure continuous supply to our customers as they implement their projects. Our mission is to guarantee delivery availability through our raw materials warehouse – now and always. That is why despite the current challenge we will not stop purchasing raw material. As described above, the raw material crisis, particularly the steel producers’ supply bottlenecks and the dramatic increase of costs, has also impacted our company. Thanks to our large stocks, we were able to prevent that this drastic price development affects our customers over the last six months. However as there is no relief in sight and steel prices are still rising, we are forced to make price adjustments’, explains Managing Director Guntram Meusburger.

Thanks to their extensive stocks of standard parts and plates, Meusburger can ensure continuous availability to customers. The company also relies on a high-percentage of in-house production. Meusburger is the only standard parts supplier that offers 100% in-house production of plates. The Austrian company’s mission is to continue to guarantee reliable supply in the future. Thanks to Meusburger’s large stocks, customers can rely on the standard parts manufacturer for on-time delivery.

Photo: Meusburger