Medical packaging with new Sabic's polypropylene

Medical packaging with new…
An 'Ultra-Clear' PP liquid medicine dosage delivery system has been launched by pharmaceutical packaging experts at Bormioli Rocco, made of SABIC's new dedicated polypropylene medical grade SABIC PP PCGR40.

The new resin shall be typically used by Bormioli Rocco to produce dosing cups that are more transparent and stronger than previous versions made from various grades of polystyrene and polypropylene, while still remaining compliant with strict European medical regulations.

SABIC's Healthcare Segment Leader Hery Randrianantoandro said, "SABIC used its 'Chemistry that Matters' approach to work closely with the team at Bormioli Rocco. We were able to better understand the challenges faced and ambitions of our customer to produce a product that helps them gain competitive advantage for their core product, such as enhanced transparency and lower conversion costs to power growth".

Bormioli Rocco is a long standing SABIC client, who approached SABIC's healthcare team with the challenge of developing a new solution for medical dosage systems that could fit within revised regulations in both the EU and the US, and be stronger and more transparent than the existing versions on the market.

Bormioli Rocco's Manager for R&D Materials, Roberto Valenti believes that the key to the success of SABIC PP PCGR40's development was the close working relationship established between his company and SABIC, "We are proud to be a SABIC customer and were really impressed with the way they responded to our challenge and by how keen they were to work together to find a solution. Working with SABIC was a really positive experience especially given the constant feedback and responsiveness we received from their dedicated healthcare technical team."

Up to 20 million dosing cups are expected to be made by Bormioli Rocco in the remainder of this year alone, with production expected to increase further from 2015. One of the company's key reasons for working with SABIC is SABIC's reliability with respect to its ability to deliver the required volumes and SABIC's consistency of production which enables them to provide the same high level of assurance to their own customers.

"Being able to rely on a steady stream of material from SABIC means that we will be expanding the use of SABIC PP PCGR40 across our entire product range in the near future", Roberto Valenti continued.


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