Manufacturers chooses the equipment from Sacmi Packaging

The Spanish BDE Nivea: Two production lines have been developed for restyling part of the machine fleet.

BDF Nivea, part of the international group Biersdorf based in Germany, manufactures and markets a wide range of products for skin care, which do not need any further presentation.

Nivea, with its Spanish subsidiary based in the outskirts of Madrid, has opted for Sacmi Group for providing two complete packaging and palletizing lines for its range of sun tanning cream bottles. Each packaging line, which ensures high efficiency, is made up of a high speed cartooning machine (model EC40), a pick-and-place robot (model CR25) and a robotized pallet system.

These machines, supplied by Sacmi Packaging (brand Inpak), guarantee BDF Nivea (client of Sacmi for a wide variety of supplies since 1996) a notable increase in productivity. The "Tres Cantos" plant of Madrid has also been redesigned. This has involved re-styling the existent processing lines and replacing obsolete machines with those in the forefront of the latest technology.

A few days later an entire bottling system, designed by Sacmi Filling, has been installed in Morocco.

Its name is Sotherma, but Danone controls the company: based in Fes (Morocco), the company enumerates the world`s market leader of bottling systems among its stockholders. This is a starting point for North Africa, a complete bottling line designed by Sacmi following the rules of Danone in designing the system: these rules are observed even by the subsidiary companies.

The line, designed for bottling plain water in PET 5-litre bottles, is based on the Solo Mas "Combo" 4HC/16/4 that comes complete with four cavities, 16 filling valves and 4 capping heads. The only Combo in the world capable of blowing, filling and capping large PET bottles - for this reason known as COMBO to insiders. The machine can produce 4 thousand bottles/hour (five-litre format) and processes the 8-litre size with an hourly production rate of 3,200 pieces.

The distinctive feature of the machine - the entire engineering has been designed by Sacmi Filling - is the operating method (volumetric-electronic): filling takes place by using a flow meter and this technology eliminates the need for contact between the bottle and valve during the filling process. The result is that hygiene conditions are fully satisfied throughout the entire process while risks of contamination are avoided thanks to total isolation of the filling zone from the outside environment. Sacmi Filling has designed an "Ultra Clean" machine, as commonly said in the beverage sector. Sacmi Filling has designed the machine in Stainless Steel as a standard feature in order to ensure thorough cleanliness and hygiene without having to add substances hazardous to health.

In order to complete the line - which is scheduled at the beginning of 2009 and will come into operation by next April - a labeler designed by Sacmi Labelling will also be supplied - model RHM 720 6T/R S1/E1.

Then a packaging machine, palletiser and handling machine for 5-litre bottles will be provided. With this supply, Sacmi has added a new partner to its reference business associates to confirm the high reliability of Combo designed by Sacmi Filling. Market leaders like Nestlé have opted for two packaging lines; 10 of these machines have been sold by Sacmi Filling throughout the world, which are capable of handling 5-, 8- and 10-litre package sizes.

Sacmi is an international group manufacturing machines and complete plants for the Ceramics, Beverage&Packaging, Processing and Plastics industries - markets in which it is a recognized worldwide leader. The strengths of both sides of the business lie in the application of innovative technology, the well-established position the group holds on international markets and its commitment to research in order to ensure consistent top quality and service to the client.