Lanxess at K 2016: High-grade solutions for the plastics industry

Customized additives for the plastics and rubber industry

The Lanxess Rhein Chemie Additives business unit is showcasing products from its extensive line of additives, such as predispersed cellulose fiber and aramid short-fiber masterbatches. They offer rubber processors a wide variety of reinforcement options for different requirements and applications, ranging from hoses, conveyor belts and timing belts to ultra-high-performance and special-purpose tires. The predispersion of various fiber pulps in special polymer matrices enables good miscibility and homogeneous distribution in the rubber compound. Only by being fully dispersed can the fiber pulp have its complete impact and achieve an optimal reinforcement effect in the end product.

The halogen-free Disflamoll and Levagard flame retardants are based on phosphorus in response to the increasing demand for halogen-free technologies. Levagard TP LXS 51114 is a low-emission flame retardant that is highly suitable among other things for use in polyether and polyester based flexible polyurethane (PU) foams, e.g. in automotive interiors. The product can also serve as a flame-retardant plasticizer in cellulose derivatives, particularly cellulose triacetate (CTA), e.g. to manufacture housings for electronic devices. The halogen-free phosphateester Disflamoll 51092 has a low odor and can be used in many plastics (plasticized PVC, flexible PU foams, TPU, PC-ABS and NBR-PVC blends).

Stabaxol P 110, a hydrolysis stabilizer for plastics and polyurethanes, is the first product in a new line of innovative, low-emission polymeric carbodiimides based on new raw materials. Stabaxol P 110 shows outstanding performance when used in the thermoplastics PET and PBT, and in thermoplastic elastomers (TPE-E). Above all, in the bioplastic polylactide, it leads to a major extension of the service life of the final article under moist and warm operating conditions.

The organic Macrolex Gran colorants are ideal for brilliantly coloring amorphous and semi-crystalline plastics, such as PS, PET, PC, ABS and PMMA. Thanks to their microgranule form, they compare extremely favorably with powders and compact granules owing to their excellent dispersion and processing properties and safe handling. Macrolex Gran is soluble in organic solvents and lends a final product high color intensity and brilliance, as well as good thermal stability, weather resistance and lightfastness. Important fields of application for Macrolex Gran include coloring food packaging, such as PET bottles, and coloring children's toys, since the colorants also meet the stringent purity requirements of these applications.