Kumovis closes Series A funding led by Renolit and Solvay

Kumovis closes Series A funding…

Kumovis, the developer of the world’s first 3D printer with clean room integration, today announced that it has raised a €3.6 million Series A funding round. In Renolit SE and Solvay Ventures, the Munich-based start-up has found two additional partners on its way to establish industrial additive manufacturing systems for processing high-performance polymers.Both its seed investors, namely High-Tech Gründerfonds and Ffilipa Venture Capital, participated in this round too.

“From the very beginning of our business venture, we have set ourselves the goal to enable medtech companies and hospitals alike to process high-performance polymers, and consequently 3D print medical products of nearly any kind,” said Stefan Leonhardt, co-CEO and co-founder of Kumovis.“The launch of the Kumovis R1 3D printer in 2019 pushed additive manufacturing with medical polymers to the next level regarding mechanical properties, aesthetics, reproducibility and usability.We are convinced that the partnerships with Renolit, a leader in polymer-based medical device components, and Solvay, a world leader in high-performance specialty polymers, will strengthen our business caseand accelerate the sustainable development of Kumovis. We will use the investments to enter new markets, further develop our technology and help the medical community bring 3D-printed medical products to the patient.”

Decentralization to shorten supply chains

Production capacities decentralized by using 3D printing technologies are shortening supply chains – and as a result, the medical community couldreduce the time to patient. “The flexibility of the Kumovis R1 system, which fulfills medical manufacturing requirements, is particularly advantageous to manufacturers dealing with small-series production and patient-adapted products. By providing anopen materials3D printing system capable of processing a variety of thermoplastic polymers, we enable our customers to not only produce on-demand but also to 3D print end-use parts at the pointofcare.At Kumovis, we are looking forward to taking the next steps together with our strong partners,”added Dr Miriam Haerst, co-CEO and co-founder of Kumovis.

Stéphane Roussel, Managing Director of Solvay Ventures, said: “Its impressive team, its product quality and performance attributes give us confidence that Kumovis is poised to disrupt traditional manufacturing methods in the demanding medical industry. By accelerating the transition to personalized medicine, Kumovis and Solvay will expand together the application space for high-performance specialty polymers in healthcare, and have the potential to do so in other industries as well.”Thomas Sampers, who is heading Renolit Healthcare, confirmed: “This investment is a major step for Renolit Healthcare fostering its innovative dynamics towards health together with partnersby reinforcing its presence in polymer-based healthcare devices.”

Besides further improving its R1 3D printer and continuing growing the team, Kumovis partners withboth technology and material companies to keep the ecosystemfor medical 3D printing growing up. The start-upa nd medical device manufacturersare moreover working in close collaboration to advance medical products for healthcare.


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