KruiseKontrol premiere – new Moretto technology at Plast ‘09

Latest versions of the Dry Air mini dryer incorporate a touch-screen panel that enables the use of Moretto’s X Dryer programming system that requires the user to enter only two parameters – the material to be treated and the hourly throughput. Everything else – calculation of air throughput, process temperature, residence time - is automatic. As a result, the dryers are more functional and efficient than ever.

Launched at K2004, presented in an Anniversary Edition at K2007, and with unit sales now numbering more than 4200, the latest innovations in Dry Air to be un-veiled at PLAST ’09 should ensure its further success.

Moretto has no fewer than seven series of gravimetric dosing machines – the 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 900 and 1000 – with 132 models for outputs ranging from 10 to 5000 kg/h and the capability to dose up to 12 materials. The DGM is a gravimetric batch blender equipped with features exclusive to Moretto: double eyelid valve, free-weighing hopper and Rotopulse micro doser, which together enable the machine to guarantee high precision of ± 0.001%. It is equipped with a powerful microprocessor and very sophisticated software. Weighing algorithms that work in milliseconds make it immune from vibrations, so that it can be installed directly on the injection moulding machine.

A new line of equipment dedicated to gravimetric dosing will be unveiled at Plast ‘09. DGM is being given a new colour touch-screen and a new name, Gravix. This takes the number of lines with this type of interface to ten. The use of icons to represent the parameters makes it easier for the operator to manage the process than the standard keyboard and display.

All the innovations being introduced at Plast ’09 on MORETTO’s stand can be connected to the MOWIS supervisory system, which enables management of a complete plant, centralizing the management and monitoring activities in a single control station. They also boast the OMS&P certification (Original Moretto Sys-tems & People), the company ethical logo and guarantee of experience and quality.

Plast ’09 will be not only the launch pad of the latest Moretto innovations, but it will be also the best possible showcase for presenting the company’s other products lines.

These include:

- MPK crystallizer, a new technology launched at Fakuma 2008, capable of satisfying even the strictest requirements in the field of plastics crystallization;

- The Flowmatik system coupled with X Dryer technology to form a high technology dehumidifying system, able to guarantee excellent performance and reduce energy consumption. During the exhibition Moretto will show a mezzanine-mounted dehumidification plant with eight hoppers and automatic double dryer.

- the DGM 1000 blender, capable of handling up to 5000 kg/h. Equipped with eight hoppers as standard, this has been designed in the finest detail. A special high-efficiency mixer produces a homogeneous blend. Digital technology and Moretto’s exclusive double eyelid valve together provide a high level of precision that yields a dosing repeatability of ± 0.002%.

- the DPM microdoser, a pulsed microbatch dosing unit that represents a new way of dosing, thanks to the use of the double eyelid valve and Rotopulse, a de-vice that makes it possible to dose quantities of product as small as 0.1 g with a precision of 0.001% and a reaction time of 25 ms.

Quad, a new version of a suction unit that, thanks to the application of a special valve, can be connected to up to four hopper loaders. As in the previous version for two hopper loaders the valve can be applied to all Moretto three-phase suction units in which this kind of management is needed.

Machines from the granulating, cooling and temperature control fields will also be displayed on the stand.

So once again, Moretto will come to Plast looking to meet the toughest demands of the market with machines that represent the perfect coupling of cut-ting-edge technology and productive efficiency, and with a particular eye on energy saving.