Invista's heat-resistant Torzen Marathon resin

Invista's heat-resistant Torzen…
Invista Engineering Polymers showcased its Torzen Marathon PA66 resin to the plastics market at Fakuma International Trade Fair in Friedrichshafen.

The new engineering polymers resin grade has shown excellent property retention when subjected to high temperatures for an extended amount of time. For example, Invista’s Torzen Marathon G3500XHL resin shows 100 percent tensile strength retention at 210 degrees Celsius after 1,000 hours.

“Major market players, such as automotive manufacturers, are asking for lightweight materials that can retain at least 50 percent tensile strength, even after extended use spanning thousands of hours at under-the-hood operating temperatures ranging from 150 to 240 degrees,” said Claudio Degiorgi, Invista Engineering Polymers business leader for Europe and Asia. “Our Torzen Marathon products can meet these needs by delivering a long-lasting heat resistance.”

Invista’s Torzen Marathon G3500XHL resin is able to retain at least 50 percent tensile strength for more than 4,000 hours at 180 C, based on a time-temperature superposition curve. For auto makers, this translates to excellent property retention from 180 C to 240 C during an average lifespan of a car.

In addition to high performance resins, Invista is developing technical tools for customers and other market players.

“Customers of our Torzen resin receive exceptional service, regardless of the grade they are seeking,” said Degiorgi. “We offer molding and design training, technical support during validations and qualifications, and new application development support—including mold flow and FEA analysis.”

Many of the tools to begin working with Invista’s resins can be found on the company’s Torzen brand website. The site’s features include: an interactive automobile to explore under-the-hood applications; materials database to filter and sort resin by properties; access to advanced properties and lab tests that reveal stress-strain curves and other behavior; CAE Modeler tool that enables engineers to export Torzen resin data into any major design program (e.g. ANSYS, Abaqus, Moldex).

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