Invista launched Performa PET that offers a material for packages to reduce their impact on the environment

Invista, one of the world’s largest integrated polymer and fibers producers, has formulated Performa -R, a rigid PET film and sheet that contains up to 25 percent post consumer recycled content and features color, clarity, and processability that is equivalent to 100 percent virgin material.

- The uniqueness of Performa-R PET film and sheet products is really the remarkable clarity - it looks and performs like Amorphous-PET - said Clarissa Schroeder, sales manager for Invista’s Film and Sheet Business. - There are other post-consumer grade PET products out there but they can contain imperfections, like dirt or other foreign particulates that can come with recycled materials. Polyclear Conserve PET used in our Performa-R rigid film and sheet is stripped of any impurities in the reactor process and the end product looks and performs like virgin material.

Performa-R features Polyclear Conserve PET, a polyester polymer that contains up to 25 percent post-consumer recycled PET that utilizes bottle-grade, post-consumer recycled PET flake and reduces it back to its pre-polymer feedstock. It is then repolymerized so it processes like a virgin PET polymer.

Schroeder went on to say that Invista’s Performa - R PET films and sheets provide a product with extremely high-clarity and brittleness properties similar to virgin APET Sheet.

Performa - R PET is available in cut sheets and custom rolls and is suitable for usage in thermoformed container as well as printing and folding carton applications. This material can be reclaimed in available PET recycling chains and PET polymer can be reprocessed into the post-consumer recycling stream multiple.