Interview with Alessandro Grassi, General Manager of Frigosystem

What was the main reason for your decision on establishing an independent Frigosystem office in Poland?
-Our previous distributor was representing also the producers of similar equipment of companies which are our potential competitors. We decided that it is more convenient for Frigosystem to act independently.

As you mentioned Frigosystem is well known in the area of cooling technology. What are the most distinguishable features of your systems?
Frigosystem has designed a system for cooling the process water required for plastic processing machines with substantial reduction in the use of energy, the cost of which is variable and subject to continuous rise. The problems in water treatment and make up water as well as those concerned with limiting formation of scales and oxides or corrosion in the equipment have led to the adoption of the closed circuit solution. The water coolers consists of a refrigerator unit comprising a compressor, condenser and evaporator. The heat absorbed by the refrigerant fluid passing from the liquid to the gaseous phase, takes place in the evaporator at the heat possessed by the process water. The machines are also provided with fans for cooling the condenser to which the refrigerant fluid yields heat after compression when passing from the gaseous to the liquid phase.

In conventional system, the compressor is permanently operating and mechanical power is thereforrneeded to achieve water cooling. Whit a view to energy saving, Frigosystem has installed a heat exchanger in the refrigerator units, through which the process water can be coolerd by using the atmospheric air. The latter, forced by condenser fans, impinges on this supplementary radiator. Hence under favorable atmospheric conditions, the free cooling system allow the compressors to be stopped in the cooling circuit, with substantial energy saving. Such savings (according to Frigosystem is assessments and on the basis of results obtained with a pilot plan installed in North Italy) can exceed the average value over a yearly basis by 50%. For the production of process water at 15 degree Celsius, the free cooling system could be used from the end of September to mid April. Obviously in colder regions, there would be a wider span of months in which the system can be used with greater advantages in the amount of energy saved.

Alessandro Grassi, General Manager of Frigosystem Poland

Frigosystem also launched recently in the market the new generation line of Dry Coolers.
Yes it is the truth. Industrial processes require large amounts of cold water and often the temperature required are very close to highest ambient temperature. For this reason Frigosystem has projected the new Dry coolers DCS, that gives very important results in saving energy and costs. DCS is completely manufactured in aluminium Anticorodal, for long life, and projected with a new heat-exchanger design, that permit to work also with ambient temperature as -20°c without having antifreeze inside the piping. Frigosystem Dry coolers serie DCS, can work in closed circuit, without needing of fresh water, that eliminate all the trouble shooting of the cooling towers. Moreover the new range of DCS are very efficient in comparison to cooling tower. DCS could be delivered with the new generation spry system, that give the possibility to work in very critical ambient temperature without any efficiency loosing.

DCS line could be connected with all previous and existing plants, they could be controlled by new generation microprocessor that give the possibility to save the maximum energy also thanking the use of a 3 way proportional valve. This amount of energy saving will be never possible with the usual standard On/Off systems.

How do you find this year’s Plastpol exhibition comparing it with the previous editions?
We can see the exhibition organizers have made some improvements modernizing the halls. In our opinion, the Plastpol is at the moment the only important plastics industry exhibition. Therefore we are also planning to exhibit next year.



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