ISCC Plus Certification for Gabriel-Chemie Germany

ISCC Plus Certification for…

The German branch of the Gabriel-Chemie Group, Gabriel-Chemie Germany, was awarded the ISCC + and is now one of the first masterbatch manufacturers to bear this seal of quality. With the ISCC + certification, Gabriel-Chemie pursues a sustainable concept within the entire process chain and thereby strengthen its market position.

What does this mean for Gabriel-Chemie Germany?

It is a great honour to be able to carry such a certification and represents the promise to only pass on the highest quality to our customers. Gabriel-Chemie Germany thus achieves a new quality feature that meets the high quality demands of customers, especially when sustainable product concepts and strategies of the future are pursued.

Our ISCC + certified polymers enable us to be the ideal partner for sustainable projects for customers, processors or branded goods manufacturers.


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