IMAGOxt – making energy consumption visible

IMAGOxt – making energy consumption…

Social and ecological factors are becoming increasingly important in the wake of ESG assessments (Environmental, Social, Governance) of corporate activities, and are already influencing business investment decisions today. Such decisions are not just intended to secure the long-term viability of the business, but to accelerate and support adoption of the carbon footprint reduction measures set out in the European Union Green Deal.

Wittmann Battenfeld manufactures its products with these values in mind, and is therefore proud to be able to offer IMAGOxt – a new energy management software (EMS) that assists customers on the road to implementing the EU Green Deal. Being aware of energy consumption within one's own company is the first step to identifying inefficiencies and making the necessary improvements. Simply avoiding the unproductive use of energy represents a significant energy saving potential and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

IMAGOxt interface

IMAGOxt allows the energy consumption of connected machinery, devices and any consumption clusters in the company to be visualized and displayed in a scalable manner. These can also be aggregated into logical units in order to make evaluation even more straightforward. The program runs as a web application, both as an optional extension to the MES software TEMI+ from Wittmann Battenfeld and as a stand-alone program. IMAGOxt contains numerous functions and tools that are helpful for displaying current energy usage, graphically depicting historical trends and defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and consumption targets.

IMAGOxt enables things like real-time energy flows between different departments or consumption clusters to be visualized. Such consumption analyses help businesses to identify the actual energy consumers within the company, thereby assisting them in achieving the energy saving goals set out by the EU while simultaneously safeguarding long-term financial viability and growth. The software can also directly calculate carbon consumption and achieved energy savings. All of the calculated values can be archived in reports and are thus available for long-term analyses.

By installing sensors in selected locations within the company as well as on machinery and devices, a multitude of measurement data points can be collected and stored for further analysis. The gathered data is then used by IMAGOxt, which can associate it, when integrated, with the TEMI+ system from Wittmann Battenfeld. In this way, things like the accrued energy costs per machine can be apportioned to the individual cycle of the machine or even specific injection molded parts. The software allows analyses, graphical representations, reports and meaningful KPIs to be freely configured in easily intelligible, customizable dashboards. Companies can use these insights to manage their production operation more efficiently and take decisions to expand their business in an environmentally and financially sustainable manner.

Sustainability and financial growth

The intuitive graphical visualization depicts complex conditions in a simple and easily intelligible form. This allows energy saving opportunities to be quickly identified and exploited. IMAGOxt helps businesses to become more sustainable and conserve resources. It also allows cost savings to be realized that safeguard the long-term growth of the company and give it an edge over competitors.

IMAGOxt reveals the true energy consumption