Husky at Plastimagen in Mexico

Husky at Plastimagen in Mexico

Husky Technologies, a pioneering technology provider enabling the delivery of essential needs to the global community, is returning to exhibit at Plastimagen in Mexico City from November 7-10. Visitors to Husky’s Booth (#1524) have the opportunity to experience the company’s latest technologies and services engineered to deliver world-class sustainability, quality, reliability, precision and efficiency to food, beverage, consumer goods packaging, medical device producers and mold makers.

“In today's dynamic landscape that prioritizes sustainability and technology innovation, we understand the importance of developing solutions that enable producers and mold makers in this fast-growing region to deliver circularly compliant packaging and high-quality parts, while achieving the highest levels of productivity,” said Sean Hoy, Husky’s Vice President of Sales and Service, Hot Runners and Controllers for the Americas. “Having cultivated a robust local presence and strong relationships, Husky is proud to meet the diverse needs of our customers serving Mexico and Latin America. At Plastimagen, we are presenting how our portfolio of system, tooling, hot runner and controller solutions, in combination with our global expertise, delivers on such goals.”


At the show, Husky will be showcasing its portfolio of system, tooling, hot runner and controller solutions and services, including:
  • Husky’s range of complete, connected, end-to-end PET preform and packaging molding technology, solutions and services engineered for consistent, high quality, sustainable production of lighter weight packaging that contains up to 100% recycled PET.
  • Advanced hot runner technologies, including an interactive hot runner refurbishment demonstration, designed to achieve the highest levels of part quality and volume at the lowest cost, even for the most demanding applications, as well as Altanium mold controllers with new ART 2.0 Technology enabling increased productivity and efficiency.
  • How Husky’s local support and global expertise enable the adoption of world-class manufacturing processes that reduce energy consumption, minimize variability, and maximize precision, quality and accuracy across different industries. This includes Husky Complete, the industry’s only complete, connected, end-to-end production solution modelled to transform variability into stability throughout every stage of PET preform production, including Husky’s Advantage+Elite real-time proactive, predictive, and transparent monitoring solution that reduces the variability risk associated with running higher percentages of post-consumer resin.


In addition to exhibiting, a team of Husky experts will be speaking at the Technological Talks taking place in Exhibition Hall E, as well as the 1st Molding Innovation and Technology Summit. For more information on Husky Technologies and its solutions and services, visit or book a meeting at the Plastimagen show.