Haitian on the Polish injection molding machines market

What is your opinion about the role and importance of distribution companies in the development of the processing sector? Especially given your case where you seem to be dependent on one brand.

Our role as a distributor is to provide solutions that the market expects and to stimulate the market by introducing new innovations in our products. Not only the brand is the strength of the company, but also its innovation and broad portfolio. And here we certainly have no reason to worry.

It seems that the growing demand for injection moulding machines in sectors such as automotive, consumer goods (household appliances), packaging and electronics will be the main driving forces of market growth in the near future. An additional stimulus to increase sales of machines should be seen in the development of the electric vehicle market. Would you agree with this view?

Yes, although I believe that electric cars are only one of the directions for the further development of the automotive industry. We should focus on hydrogen-powered solutions and whatever else the future holds.

In the COVID era, a huge increase in consumption and demand for products manufactured with the use of injection technology was recorded, which seems to be quite obvious, given the medical sector in terms of personal protective equipment. Has this trend been significantly outlined and noted in your company?

The last two years have generally been game-changing for us in terms of the number of injection moulding machines sold and delivered. Many of our clients, not only those from the medical sector as it may seem, have increased their production capacity. I believe that the pandemic was a huge challenge mainly in the areas of company management and human resources. This unheard of situation was a journey into the unknown  and gave us the chance to test our readiness and responsiveness in crisis situations.


In 2020, the hydraulically driven injection moulding machine segment accounted for over 45% of the total market. Do you think there will be a significant change (reduction) of this value in favour of electric machines?

Yes and no. In Europe, we still have many processors attached to hydraulic drives and old "battle-tested" solutions, where it is not required to use fully electric machines. On the other hand, the economy, rising costs of energy and programs supporting energy-saving solutions leave no other choice.

Undoubtedly, the role and position of Haitian in Europe will be changed by the ongoing investment in Serbia. As I suppose, it will also have an impact on the functioning of Mapro.

Such a huge investment is another milestone in the development of Haitian brand and our company. We are proud that we can contribute to this success. This is a clear message that the European market is being taken very seriously by Haitian.

And what are your company's development plans in Poland?

There are many plans, we are constantly expanding our horizons and development paths, adapting to the circumstances and situation on the market.

A few words about your philosophy of  existing in the business world ...

Both in the business world and in private life, I am guided by key values, which include responsibility, credibility, respect, development, flexibility, commitment and close relationships with people. I believe that clearly defined rules between the two parties are an unconditional element of running a business.

In private and on a daily basis, how would you describe yourself? And what fascinates a woman who professionally fulfils herself in such an extremely demanding and unpredictable market?

In private and on a daily basis I am completely fulfilled and simultaneously gaining satisfaction on many levels. I love traveling, healthy lifestyle, Mediterranean cuisine and learning foreign languages. I also enjoy everyday things like tasting Italian espresso.

Thank you for the interview, I wish you continued success in your professional and private life surrounded by the coffee aroma of Italian espresso ...

Thank you very much and I would like to invite you all to K-show in Dusseldorf for a joint meeting with our company and the HAITIAN stand (A-57 hall 15)

Interviewed by Grzegorz Robionek

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