German Design Award 2020 for Plexiglas molding compounds campaign

German Design Award 2020 for…

Elegant designer luminaires, bright floodlights for sports facilities, high-gloss yet robust surfaces for household appliances – Plexiglas, one of the world’s best-known plastic brands, fascinates with its diverse range of properties and options for use. 

In an international campaign, the Molding Compounds business unit at Röhm GmbH is now promoting the broad spectrum of Plexiglas molding compounds for lighting and household applications. The business unit is adding advertisements on these application fields to its successful Black & Bright campaign. These advertisement motifs have won the German Design Award 2020 in the “Excellent Communications Design - Integrated Campaigns and Advertising” category. 

The German Design Award is the premium international prize of the German Design Council. Its aim is to discover, showcase and honour pioneering design trends. A panel of expert judges has been awarding prizes to outstanding examples from product and communication design since 2012. 

“Material presented in an emotional and inspiring way” 

The panel’s verdict on the communication design of the Plexiglas molding compounds campaign: “The campaign impressively demonstrates how to present a material that can take practically any form in an emotional and inspiring way. Each of the atmospheric motifs tells an original story that reflects the brand core.” 

One of the advertising motifs for household applications shows two burglars  stealing a washing machine from the house of an art collector. The message: Plexiglas surfaces turn household appliances into masterpieces. “With our campaign, we are not putting the spotlight on the technical, functional details of our products, but allowing consumers to perceive their properties in an emotional way. It is all about light and color, the brilliance, look and feel of surfaces,” explains Siamak Djafarian, Head of the Molding Compounds business unit at Röhm GmbH. 

The German Design Award 2020 is another chapter in the Black & Bright campaign’s success story: The motifs for Plexiglas molding compounds in automotive construction were among last year’s winners. Depending on their content, the advertisements are published worldwide in leading publications for the plastics, lighting and automotive industries, accompanied by expert articles and case studies in the trade press and on social media.  

“By doing this, we are showing in a humorous and emotional way that Plexiglas molding compounds are proven materials that allow innovation time and again,” says Djafarian.  

“Thanks to their wide range of properties and options for use, Plexiglas molding compounds are an infinite source of inspiration for product designers in a vast array of sectors.” 

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