Gaining energy advantages through Netstal expertise

Gaining energy advantages through Netstal expertise
The reduction in energy consumption has been a key discussion topic for many years. In the last few years Netstal has also paid special attention to increased energy efficiency of injection molding machines. For the benefit of customers.

Energy cannot be generated or destroyed. However, it is possible to convert energy into different forms. Different forms of energy occur in connection with injection molding machines (see above photo). Increased efficiency firstly reduces the absorbed energy of the machine. Secondly, it increases the energy proportion which is required for shaping (i.e. production of the injection-molded part). The machine emissions (heat, sound) are therefore reduced.

Actual operation of the machine represents by far the largest proportion in regard to energy consumption. Thanks to the new generation of the Elion series we have increased energy efficiency enormously. We used the leitmotif “Low energy, high performance” when developing this series.

This means: Maximum performance and optimum energy efficiency. We developed a completely new power unit with this objective. The Eco Powerunt attains unprecedented energy savings with hybrid injection molding machines.

The following properties make a major contribution in this respect: recovery of kinetic energy, adaptive drive regulation, power converter network, optimum working point at maximum efficiency.

By using the Eco Powerunit, energy savings of up to 50 percent can be made compared with conventional hydraulic machines. If an allelectric machine is used, an additional efficiency advantage of around 20 percent is attained.

One other example of the very high energy efficiency of injection molding systems from Netstal are the special machines – designed for maximum productivity – for producing preforms for PET bottles. Netstal supplies these machines under the names PET-Line of the Netstal brand and PETForm of the KraussMaffei brand for different output rates. A comparison with competitors reveals that our systems are well ahead, a fact proved conclusively by the following example of a direct comparison measurement. The PET-Line 3500-6600 from Netstal and the rival machine produced the same number of preforms during the measurement operation (10.5 g twist off 25/30). The impressive result of the test was an energy consumption of 0.28 kWh/kg during production on a PETline. This represented an energy saving of 25 percent compared with our best competitors.

We attain the high energy efficiency of our PET-Line thanks to the following factors: electric drive unit, toggle lever on the clamping unit, much lower dry air consumption, vertical robot which consumes much less energy, energetically optimized system between drying unit and machine.

Due to the vertical concept, our PETForm systems also have an energetic advantage over rival systems. The clamping unit in the PETForm systems is vertically arranged. This has far-reaching impacts on the entire demolding and downstream process: low-moving masses, less work during the clamping movement, increased efficiency thanks to vertical technology.

Thanks to the vertical clamping concept and the ultralight demolding gripper, only very small masses have to be moved during demolding. That's because the post-cooling required during preform production is autarkic and must not be moved into the clamping unit. The vertical design ensures that the preforms need not actively be demolded using energy, but can “drop” with guidance.

It is foreseeable that energy costs will rise still further in future. In addition to material costs, the proportion of energy costs will become the second most important cost factor. Netstal is devoting its entire innovative capacity to the development of systems and solutions which ensure maximum energy efficiency and maximum productivity. Strictly according to the motto: “Low energy, high performance”.