Gabriel-Chemie presents latest colour trends

Digital economy

Digitisation and artificial intelligence are changing the economy rapidly. Industry 4.0 is changing the rules of the game and creating almost limitless possibilities for innovation. Robots are performing household tasks and sophisticated computer systems are increasing efficiency in many areas of our lives. The digital economy is changing value chains as well as transforming traditional business models and creating completely new ones. The digital economy is changing our familiar world and requires an equally innovative colour spectrum to illustrate the infinite possibilities of further development and change. The colours for the theme of DIGITAL ECONOMY are expressed by light reflections and lively colour effects. These are seen in LED lighting colours or the shimmering spectral colours of a rainbow. Unique marble effects let unique patterns develop or let someone be whisked away to other galaxies.

Colour vision in a new design

Within the 25th edition of Fakuma Gabriel-Chemie not only presents the latest colour trends but also the popular COLOUR VISION series with a completely new visual appearance. Following the relaunched company appearance and in order to transport the contents high value, the packaging design had been completely renewed and re-designed. An exquisite box in the style of a jewellery case contains lense plates depicting both topics. The packaging graphic design captivates through colourful gemstones demonstrating both the uniqueness and perfection of the contents: Colours and effects developed by Gabriel-Chemie are real jewels in the world of plastics.

Gabriel Chemie Colour Vision 2

Source: Gabriel-Chemie GmbH

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