Gabriel-Chemie presents latest colour trends

Gabriel-Chemie presents latest… Gabriel-Chemie presents at this year´s Fakuma (International trade fair for plastics processing, 17th to 21st October 2017, Friedrichshafen) the 18th edition of the annual COLOUR VISION series. Experienced trend scouts and innovative colourists are working actively on the trends of tomorrow and together create a new COLOUR VISION collection each year. The COLOUR VISION collection is a source of inspiration for the world of plastics. It is highly appreciated by branded product manufacturers, creative designers of consumer products and investment goods as well as plastic processors for new product designs.

Creative diversity inspires

With the analysis of new colour trends from different industrial sectors and the consideration of social influences in the market, new trends are developed every year. Each topic is visualised using nine innovative lens plates. Specialising in colours, surfaces and materials has been important to Gabriel-Chemie for many years. Social developments and associated colour trends are constantly being researched. The selected colours are refined by special effect pigments and, as a result, gain new value. The Austrian based company is specialist for the formulation and production of colour and additive concentrates for the colouring, refining and technical optimisation of thermoplastics. Individual colour settings are created taking account of customer-specific requirements, commercial requirements, technical specifications, etc. COLOUR VISION N° 18 describes two contemporary lifestyle-trends called „IDENTITY“ and „DIGITAL ECONOMY“.


The longing to live out our identity and make our lifestyle as individual and autonomous as possible is as old as humanity itself. In a time characterised by uncertainty and instability, finding the necessary access to an experienced individuality is more difficult than ever. The new luxury goods therefore offer time for reflection and rest for conscious consideration. This is also reflected in the new lifestyle phenomenon of "Hygge" – the art of contentment – which originated in Denmark. Possessions are no longer felt to be the only road to happiness. Our society is increasingly developing along the lines of "sharing communities": communities that are multiplying rapidly and form an inviting and inspiring network. A new spirituality is perceptible, related to meditation, yoga, dancing or simply the retreat to our own identity. These trends, which focus on strengthening our own identity and a positive approach to society, have inspired us to come up with our theme of IDENTITY. The colours of the IDENTITY theme present warm red tones, with nuances in Violet, Blue-Green and Green. Noticeable are both functional effect pigments and colour inspirations that appear to flow into one another.

Gabriel Chemie Colour Vision 1

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