Full range of LED retrofit lamps using Stanyl TC from DSM

Full range of LED retrofit…
Baleno, a high-end LED lighting manufacturer with a broad portfolio of LED solutions, has selected Stanyl TC from DSM for their complete range of exclusively styled LED retrofit lamps.

The Baleno Revolution range consists of LED retrofit lamps for home and professional applications. They offer a high efficiency and very long lifespan replacement for traditional incandescent lamps.

LED Retrofit lamps are an energy efficient replacement for all conventional light bulbs and halogen spotlights. LED lamps consume only 20-30 % of the energy of conventional lamps and thus they save energy, lower CO2 and help reduce global warming. The new Baleno lamps are compatible with existing fixtures and sockets, saving investments in new lighting infrastructure.

The Baleno Revolution range is currently sold in 17 countries around the world in the retail and professional markets, and primarily marketed in the European lighting retail market. To successfully develop the range, Shanghai based Baleno worked closely with DSM’s lighting team in China, as DSM was able to deliver extensive knowledge of thermal conductivity relating to materials and design.

The styling of the Revolution range strongly differs from the designs of commonly marketed LED retrofit lamps. The use of thermally conductive Stanyl TC enables such styling. By using plastic instead of the aluminum, a unique look and feel is possible, while improving the performance of the LED lamp.

For lighting applications using LED’s, thermal management is the main challenge, followed by mechanical and electrical performance. Stanyl TC, which is available globally, was developed specifically to meet these needs. At the same time Stanyl TC makes it possible to produce unique designs which, compared to traditional plastics, deliver excellent cooling of the lamp while securing electrical safety.

Bas Bergmans, Commercial Director at Baleno, says that Stanyl TC was chosen for a number of reasons: “We selected the Stanyl TC grade above several other premium alternatives, because after testing we recognized its unique thermal management characteristics that resulted in a longer life span of our LEDs thus creating better lamps. At the same time, the material allowed us to make the lamp safer by excluding the risk of electrical conductivity; improve the design freedom inside the lamp; reduce the cost; shorten production lead time; and improve the overall performance of heat dissipation, dimmability and light output. In addition, DSM has proven to be a unique partner in supporting us during the implementation of this new technology in the designed phase of our new Led Revolution range.”

According to Stijn Meijers, Global Segment Team Leader Lighting at DSM, Stanyl TC is a breakthrough material for the Lighting Industry: “As the first thermally conductive plastic to combine strong mechanical performance and high thermal management properties, Stanyl TC offers lighting producers and designers an opportunity to replace commonly used metals in LED retrofit lamps, whilst providing the necessary thermal dissipation.”

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