Full integration cuts costs

Full integration cuts costs
Engel Austria has expanded its working relationship with Trexel (of Wilmington in the USA) by fully integrating MuCell foam injection moulding units into injection moulding machines in the Enggel victory and e-victory series.

Compared to conventional combined systems, the move has enabled both parties to improve the price-performance ratio of system solutions for foam injection moulding considerably.

Full integration includes both the hardware and the software. Since the compact control cabinet of the MuCell foam unit is completely enclosed by the guarding below the injection unit in the integrated Engel victoryMuCell system, it requires no additional space. The foaming process is built into the CC 200 control unit of the Engel injection moulding machine; it is monitored and regulated via the display on the injection moulding machine. The integrated Engel victoryMuCell solution is therefore especially easy to use. Another new feature is the nitrogen consumption calculator, which makes it possible to schedule bottle changes in advance. Since the MuCell unit does not require visualisation of its own, integration also cuts system costs.

Full integration cuts costs

Thanks to their tie-bar-less clamping units, the Engel victory and Engel e-victory machines are ideal for use in MuCell processes. Foam applications generally require only low clamping force, although the moulds are relatively large. Since the mould fixing platens can be used to the hilt on tie-bar-less injection moulding machines, relatively small machines are able to accommodate large moulds. This means low investment and operating costs for the system.

Engel victoryMuCell integration therefore conforms with the trend towards downsizing production systems. In many MuCell applications, for example, a victory machine with 500 tons of clamping force can replace a large-scale Engel duo machine with 700 tons of clamping force as the usable mould mounting surface is the same in both machines. This makes the Engel victoryMuCell one of the most cost-effective solutions to foam injection moulding on the market.

Engel and Trexel developed the integrated solution through an exclusive partnership. Since Engel is solely responsible for global sales and service, users are guaranteed a high level of efficiency as regards project processing and communication with suppliers. Numerous Engel victoryMuCell systems are available for customer trials in Engel's technical centres around the world; training courses are also offered. Moreover, the company adds Engel victoryMuCell packages to its worldwide spare parts centres.

“Integrated solutions have given an extra boost to the use of MuCell systems”, said Michael Fischer, Sales Manager (Technologies) at Engel Austria. Two main factors are driving the growth in MuCell technology: the increasing trend towards lightweight construction and low distortion of products manufactured by the MuCell process.


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