Face masks in record time

Face masks in record time

Together with business partner Haidlmair, Engel is committed to improving the supply of face masks worldwide. In record time, mould maker Haidlmair developed and implemented a new mould solution for the production of reusable masks, which is now being used by plastics processing companies worldwide. Engel is delivering injection moulding machines geared for this, also in record time.

The two-piece reusable masks, which are injection-moulded from TPE, provide protection for the mouth and nose for use in daily life and in certain work situations, for example in the construction industry. The masks can be cleaned and disinfected and different filter materials can be inserted.

In countries that have exempted face masks from medical device legislation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these masks can be produced and marketed by companies from a wide range of industries. "This solution allows us to help companies change their production at short notice in order to actively participate in the fight against the further spread of Covid-19", says Dr. Christoph Steger, CSO of Engel.

Engel offers injection moulding machines specifically tailored to Haidlmair's mould solution. An Engel victory 330/80 for the single-cavity version, an Engel e-victory 740/160 for the two-cavity version and an Engel duo 1560/350 for the four-cavity mould. The Engel plants are giving highest priority to producing the machines ordered for Haidlmair's face mask moulds. Engel's decentralised machine production ensures the shortest possible lead times worldwide.

Engel and Haidlmair have been development partners for many years. "We are a well-coordinated team," says Steger. "And our customers are now benefitting from this, especially in these particularly challenging times."


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