FDC pipe extrusion line delivers ultimate flexibility in diameters and wall thicknesses

- The fully automatic dimension change was a very important consideration for us, since we have more and more customers de-manding customized sizes, for example cap pipes. These must combine a very small wall thickness with a relatively large external diameter - Byllemos adds.
- In practice, changeover to different pipe dimensions takes us 20 min at most and changing to a differ-ent automatic range – e.g. from 200 – 355 mm to 400 – 630 mm can be effected within one shift. Another decisive advantage is that only very minor quantities of scrap are produced during dimension change - are further reasons given by Byllemos for his decision to choose the FDC system from battenfeld-cincinnati.

- For a color change during production, we have scrap quantities of less than 500 kg - Brigitte Diekhaus emphasizes. To achieve this, the line operates with an adjustable melt gap after to the pipe head, instead of a die-mandrel combination, which would have to be exchanged for a dimension change. For better results in color change, a radial distributor for the outer layer is integrated in the adjustable melt gap, so that the color change can be carried out quickly and with relatively little material for purging the outer layer channel.

Automatic dimension change and consequently the high flexibility of the line as a whole is finally also ensured by the FDC downstream components, which are also a unique feature in the industry. The vacuum tank operates with a pipe support system covering 180° of the pipe’s circumference and is steplessly adjustable over the entire dimensional range without modifications. This also applies to the haul-off and cutting device, which can be adjusted automatically during dimension change as well.

In close cooperation between the processor and the machine man-ufacturer, the haul-off has been designed to prevent deformation of customized pipes with small wall thicknesses.

- The joint devel-opment work with battenfeld-cincinnati functioned perfectly, and we are very satisfied with the result - Kenn E. Byllemos praises the venture. To achieve the automatic changeover without any problems or human intervention, the battenfeld-cincinnati special-ists have also extended the extruder control system in an optimal way, so that the changeover of all components can be effected at the push of a button. This type of fully automatic operation was also a decisive argument for Emtelle in favor of the line from battenfeld-cincinnati.