Experience meets innovation: Sanner cannabis packaging

Experience meets innovation:…

Medical cannabis is increasingly becoming a topic of interest for doctors and society as an alternative therapy for serious diseases. From the perspective of drug manufacturers this development brings new possibilities, but also great challenges. Cannabis can be consumed in many different forms: as flowers/floss, tablets, chewing gum or gel capsules. Each dosage form needs an optimal packaging to ensure the protection of both people and product. With over 125 years of experience, Sanner is a reliable partner for pharmaceutical companies. 

"Especially in Europe, pharmaceutical manufacturers can currently still draw on little experience in the field of cannabis packaging," said Ursula Hahn, Head of Product Management at Sanner. "Ultimately, however, the same prerequisites apply to medical cannabis as to other drugs: the packaging must take into account the individual product requirements and protect it from harmful influences". Medical cannabis needs reliable protection, especially against UV light, air and moisture ingress. In addition, the packaging closure must prevent children from accidentally taking the medicine, while it must be easy for adults to open.  

The next generation of cannabis packaging: the TabTec CR The childproof tablet and capsule container TabTec CR is an ideal example of an innovative cannabis packaging. It features Sanner's patented Press & Flip opening mechanism, which makes it difficult for children to open, thus protecting them from the contents. The closure is designed so that adults can still open and close it easily. The integrated pouring opening allows easy and hygienic removal of individual capsules or tablets. 

Thanks to its slim shape, the container fits into any shirt or trouser pocket as required; the innovative design also stands out from other products at the point of sale. In an independent consumer test on 120 test persons in July 2019, the TabTec CR also received excellent ratings for its practical and hygienic handling.  

Safely protected and individually packed In addition to the TabTec CR, Sanner offers a wide range of plastic packaging and closures, including various containers such as tubes or bottles, as well as a variety of press-on caps and child-resistant screw caps. As a pioneer in desiccant solutions, Sanner offers desiccants integrated into the cap or packaging base. Moreover, drop-in solutions such as the AdCap® desiccant capsules or the AdPack® desiccant packs ensure maximum product protection and an ideal climate in the packaging. The desiccants Silica Gel and Molecular Sieve are also available with a combination of activated carbon to reduce odor. In addition, the cannabis packaging can be made of materials with high light protection to block the effects of harmful UV rays. 

"Based on this wide range of possibilities and the most varied child protection mechanisms, we work with our customers to develop the best possible solution for their cannabis product and adapt it to their individual needs," says Ursula Hahn. "We have already prepared numerous design studies for different child-resistant solutions. Moreover, our established product development process IDP Process® ensures a successful, tailor-made packaging solution with a focus on Design for Manufacturing, quality, time and cost efficiency from concept and production to market launch." 

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