Erema to stage symposium on PET Strapping

The downstream plant technology of Techno Plastic then attends to the strapping process stage, starting with the nozzle unit and proceeding through the stretching, stamping, fixing and cooling station to the winder. The stretching technology demonstrated is flexible, based on many years of experience of the mechanical engineering company that specialises in extrusion systems for strapping bands and monofilaments. Combined for the first time with a Vacurema system for the material processing stage, there are considerable benefits for the user.

As the compact Vacurema technology enables material processing with virtually no viscosity loss, higher stretching levels can be achieved for the strapping bands without sacrificing strength. This means that compared to conventional extruder processing, it is possible to increase productivity by up to 10 %, with the same band quality. In addition to this, due to the single stage approach of the Erema system, the specific power draw is approx. only half of a conventional extrusion system with upstream crystalliser and drier.

The system can also process pure virgin material and mixtures of virgin material and bottle flake. Frequent product changes due to the respective application are made easier through the plant's fast retooling times.

Turnkey plants for the direct and cost-effective production of PET strapping band and PET filaments from washed bottle flake with the combined Vacurema Tight Strap Technology will be offered in the future by both partners, Erema and Techno Plastic.

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