Enjoying coffee without feeling guilty: Reusable coffee cup lid made of TPE

Enjoying coffee without feeling…

Sustainability, convenience and enjoyment are now no longer contradictions – and manufacturers are responding: for example Cadios GmbH, a German start-up business that has developed the first reusable lid for coffee mugs and cups. The conically shaped lid made of TPE fits onto most common household cups and with its durability can make a lasting contribution to waste reduction. The “Udo” lid is available in many colors and can be customized on request.

With the July 3, 2021 deadline approaching, there is still high demand for smart solutions in the takeaway food sector that are as sustainable as possible. To protect the oceans and the environment, a ban on the sale of single-use goods will be coming into effect on that date. The ban applies to single-use products such as drinking straws, swizzle sticks and cotton swabs, tableware and disposable cups. There are already plenty of alternative products, but most of them involve complete replacement with new products such as recyclable coffee cups. To solve this problem, the German company Cadios has developed the first reusable coffee cup lid: “Udo” is made in Germany in a climate-neutral process. In addition, the TPE compound, also produced in Germany, can be returned to the technical production cycle through in-process recycling.


Since the creators of “Udo” regard sustainability and quality as the central aims of their work, their materials choice was in favor of a compound from Kraiburg TPE’s portfolio. The halogen-free Thermolast K product is particularly suitable for applications in everyday use and provides appropriate durability without losing its high quality over an extended period of time. The compound also has a soft-touch surface, making it very comfortable to hold but still providing a non-slip grip. The TPE can be custom-colored in any way you like and customized with a company logo using laser technology. Excellent mechanical properties and good compression set also meet users’ requirements. An overview of additional advantages of the compound used:

  • In-process recycling is possible
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Outstandingly good grip due to excellent haptic properties
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Suitable for multi-component injection molding
  • Conformity with Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011
  • Raw materials conformity US FDA CFR 21
  • Conformity with DIN EN 71-3

“We set high standards for the materials that are used for our design products, because we want to supply our customers with an honest, sustainable and high-quality product. KRAIBURG TPE’s compound scored with its whole package. The material meets our expectations and helps to supply our customers with genuine added value. After all, hot drinks taste best when you drink them from your favorite cup,” says Carina Frings, Head of Marketing & Design, Public Relations at Cadios.

This Thermolast K product is translucent and available all over Europe.

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