Engel continues to grow in DACH countries and Asia

Well-equipped for new requirements with strengthened teams

In addition to its turnover numbers, Engel is larger than ever before in its history in terms of its employee count. By the end of the current fiscal year, Engel will be employing 6,800 people around the globe, around half of which will be in Austria.

Engel is putting the continuing growth in its human resources to good use in response to its customers' changing requirements. The trend towards digitalisation and ongoing advances in process integration and automation are increasingly making consulting services a necessity. In addition, networking and connectivity are leading to the creation of new business models, with which Engel will be able to provide even better support to processors during their routine production operations. Aside from sales, the teams have been strengthened worldwide, especially in the service area.

Simplicity: the success factor

In technological terms, ongoing improvement of the already very mature injection moulding process is a top-priority challenge, with Engel's attention always focused on the systems' user-friendliness. As process integration and manufacturing process automation accelerate, this increases production efficiency and quality, but also leads to more complex processes, which often runs counter to the desire for even greater efficiency and flexibility. Engel is taking on this challenge with its simplicity-based strategy. As a system solutions provider, Engel ensures that it is possible to simply and safely control even complex production processes without having to restrict the functional scope of individual machines and systems. This is precisely what will determine competitiveness and success, and even more so in the future than it does today.

Source: Engel

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