ENGEL at Plast 2018 in Milan

iQ flow control, the third assistance system, connects the injection moulding machine, which is equipped with the e-flomo electronic temperature control water distributor, to the temperature control unit, enabling the speed of the pumps to automatically adjust to the actual requirements. This results in higher energy efficiency. Together with its partner HB-Therm, ENGEL has developed its own line of temperature control units called e-temp. Among other things, the Expert Corners at the booth will further focus on MES authenthig and the new customer portal e-connect, which ENGEL is presenting at the Plast for the first time in Italy. The goal of development was to provide even more specific information to the customers, to get in touch with them even faster, and to provide them with even more support in meeting the challenges of Industry 4.0. All machines and systems solution supplied by ENGEL from the first order onwards are stored in the system and their current status can be viewed. For a maximum overview, the operator can simulate the individual structure of his machine park in the system and also assign the production facilities to different halls or departments online. Support and service requests can be submitted online, which is not only more comfortable for the user, but also speeds up order processing. As soon as the customer has submitted the request, it is automatically forwarded to the service team, which can start working on it without delay.

The new customer portal supports the online support and remote maintenance as well as all the other service products from the inject 4.0 programme of ENGEL, such as e connect.monitor for condition-based, predictive maintenance.

Source: ENGEL

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