Durethan polyamide 6 grade meets European “Hazard Level 3” specifications

Durethan polyamide 6 grade…
Lanxess has created new type of polyamide 6

German speciality chemicals manufacturer Lanxess says its “Durethan DP BM 65 X FM30” polyamide 6 grade has passed all the relevant European tests for fire protection in rail vehicles and achieved the highest possible rating, “Hazard Level 3”, for specific applications. The tests were carried out by test centre Currenta, which is accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and certified by the German authorities.

Commenting on the accreditation, Alexander Radeck from Lanxess’ Semi-Cristalline Products division, said: “This opens up numerous potential uses for our high-tech material in components employed in electrical equipment for rail vehicles at high risk of fire. These include chokes, voltage transformers, windings, contactors and switches.” Durethan DP BM 65 X FM 30 is already being used in cable duct holding elements found in the Channel Tunnel, Radeck added.

The polyamide grade is characterised by excellent fire resistance based on a halogen-, phosphorus- and antimony-free flame retardance package. It is 65% reinforced by glass fibres/minerals but is nevertheless easy flowing, according to Lanxess.

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