DuPont invests in Zytel HTN polymer capacity in Germany

DuPont invests in Zytel HTN… DuPont Performance Materials announced that it is investing in Zytel HTN PPA polymer capacity at its Uentrop facility in Hamm, Germany. This will be the first Zytel HTN polymer production facility in Europe. Construction is already under way and the new plant will begin production in the summer of 2016. The increase in Zytel HTN capacity is needed to meet the growing global demand for the material in automotive, electrical and consumer electronics markets.

"The decision to invest in Zytel HTN production capacity in Europe reflects our firm commitment to the European market and our determination to support the growing demand from customers in Europe with local supply of the products and services they need. These are exciting times for our nylon businesses; in 2015 we also announced a 10 percent capacity increase for Zytel HTN polymer at our Richmond, Va site in addition to a 20 percent capacity increase for Zytel PA 66 and PA 6 compounds at the Uentrop site" said Richard Mayo, the Global Business Director for the Nylon and Polyester businesses in DuPont Performance Materials.

"Coupled with industry leading application development capabilities, Zytel HTN PPA and other innovative products in the Performance Materials portfolio help design engineers find ingenious ways to replace metals with lightweight materials in a variety of industries" added Mayo.

DuPont introduced Zytel HTN in 1994 to cost effectively bridge the performance gap between conventional engineering resins and high-end specialty polymers.

Zytel HTN PPA grades retain stiffness, strength and mechanical properties despite exposure to high temperatures, chemicals and moisture, making them ideal for automotive underhood components and systems, connectors and bushings. In consumer electronics, Zytel HTN high performance polyamides enable designers to create lighter and thinner products when used in the design of cell phones, tablets and other hand-held devices.

Uentrop produces a large variety of polyamide polymers and compounded Zytel resins for a broad range of industries including the automotive, electrical, industrial and consumer markets.

With a high focus on quality and product consistency, DuPont owns and operates world-scale production assets for Zytel HTN and operates compounding sites in all three regions of the world to ensure local supply wherever customers are located.

DuPont Performance Materials (DPM) manufactures a vast array of plastics, elastomers, renewably-sourced polymers, adhesives, sealants, modifiers, and high-performance parts and shapes to global specification around the world. DPM also supports a globally linked network of regional application-development experts who work with customers throughout value chains to develop components, films and consumer products that enable greater mobility in automotive, protect and preserve in packaging, and improve convenience, comfort and safety in these and other industrial and consumer markets, including construction, electrical/electronic and sporting goods.

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