DSM Engineering Plastics introduces innovations in automotive applications

An important prerequisite for metal replacement, however, is a need for long term temperature resistance of the plastic at more and more elevated temperatures. DSM EP introduced Stanyl Diablo OCD2100, a PA46 material which exhibits hardly any loss of strength during 5000 hours at temperatures up to 210-230 °C. This material has recently been approved for hot charged airducts. In addition, system costs could be reduced further because of the extremely good weldability of Stanyl Diablo OCD2100.

Another interesting development is the metal-to-plastic replacement for ETC covers and vacuum pump parts and motor housings in DSM EP’s Arnite PET XT, a material which exhibits extremely good dimensional stability and which is able to meet the most tight part tolerances.

Akulon Ultraflow (PA6) offers the potential for system cost optimizations as a result of its high flowability: 25% faster injection molding cycles, lower tool investment costs, 10-20% lower wall thicknesses and great surface appearances especially for highly reinforced (50-60%GF) grades. This material has been approved for various automotive applications such as air inlet manifolds, under-the-bonnet covers, cooling fans, sensors, interior parts and many more.

Another opportunity to reduce system costs is the use of Arnitel (Thermoplastic copolyesther) instead of PA11 or PA12 in brake tubes (air brake tubes for trucks, vacuum brake tubes for passenger cars); In addition, Arnitel offers various performance benefits in these applications, since it is plasticizer free; remains stiff even at temperatures up to 170 °C and is creep resistant, offering better fitting retention over the service life.

DSM Engineering Plastics is able to design-to-the-limit based on extensive CAE knowhow: the availability of integrative simulation techniques (micromechanical models based on exact prediction of GF orientation effects) and of high speed tensile data and high speed dynamic burst pressure data for several materials enable DSM EP to advise customers on the most optimal design and with the lowest system costs, even for safety applications such as air bag containers and structural reinforcements.

DSM Engineering Plastics is currently developing a range of products that are (partly) based on recycled materials. These will help the automotive industry to meet the ELV-directory requirements.

DSM EP recently introduced Arnitel C, a halogen free flamer retardant TPC with very good hydrolysis resistance, which has already been approved for automotive class D (150 °C) cables and automotive class E (175 °C) convoluted tubes and which enables significant system cost reductions compared to ETFE and less environmental question marks than PVC.

DSM Engineering Plastics also offers other halogen free flame retardant materials for connectors. These include Arnite XG (PBT), Arnitel XG (TPC), Stanyl HB (PA46), Akulon XG (PA6) and Xantar C (PC/ABS).